3 Reasons to Pursue COR Compliance

Many of the jobs that employees engage in each day can be considered dangerous. Employees need to have a health and safety protocol in place to address any accidents or injuries that may occur during business hours.

Having a health and safety division in place is great, but your company might want to go above and beyond in proving their commitment to personal safety. COR, or Certification of Recognition, is an accreditation that is issued to organizations who can prove that their emergency healthcare division meets national standards.

Seeking COR compliance can be beneficial to your company in many ways.

1. Attract Better Employees

No matter how much you train and prepare in an effort to prevent safety violations, the safety of your crew ultimately lies in the hands of your employees. When your company is able to achieve COR status, potential applicants know that they will be held to stringent safety standards.

This knowledge will help to attract only the most qualified and safety-conscious workers to your organization. Better employees means a safer work environment for everyone in your company.

2. Identify Potential Pitfalls

As part of the COR application process, your company will be subject to a safety audit. This audit examines all components of your company's health and safety division in depth. Procedures and policies will be scrutinized by professionals who have helped to write the national standard by which your company is being measured.

The audit will prove useful in helping you identify any potential pitfalls in your safety program. Ultimately, your employees will be safer in the long run as a result of the information you acquire through the auditing process.

3. Improve Your Reputation

Today's consumers are more educated than ever before. The Internet makes it possible for consumers to thoroughly research any company before deciding to purchase that company's goods or services.

If you are able to display that your company has obtained a COR, you will show potential customers that you value the safety and well-being of your employees. This information can help improve your reputation in the minds of consumers and encourage them to do business with your company in the future.

Safety is a top priority for most companies, but companies who choose to pursue COR compliance take safety to the next level. Reap the benefits that a COR accreditation can offer your company by applying for this special recognition today. Reach out to a company like CorTek Safety Solutions for more information.